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Bike preparation for RTW second leg

As of February 2018 the bike has done 90,000 kms. In addition to oil and filter changes and tires, the following maintenance has been done since the return to Canada in June 2015 at 57,800 kms; 61,100 kms replaced chain and sprockets (16-42). 67,800… Continue Reading “Bike preparation for RTW second leg”

How did the bike fare???

The bike performed amazingly well during the 54,000kms. A summary of maintenance  and comments are as follows; Oil (Motorex Cross Power 4T 10w50) and filter changes were done roughly every 10,000 kms. Installed Metzler Karoo 3 tires in San Diego. Wore out quickly (7,000… Continue Reading “How did the bike fare???”

What dreams are made of

How on earth did this RideTheWorld come to be? I guess you could say this trip has been in the making for almost fifty years. The seed was planted in 1967, when my good friend from Arvida, Tom, and I hitchiked through Northern Europe.… Continue Reading “What dreams are made of”