Nuevo Vallarta

Today is Saturday, Oct 4th.  We have had the good fortune of being able to stay in a beautiful condo just North of Puerto Vallarta for a few days before we start our journey towards San Miguel de Allende.  The surroundings are lush and calm and we are enjoying days of sunshine with evenings of wine and good food.  All very beautiful.

Tomorrow we pack up the bikes and start our journey East on Mex 70.  We are looking to reach Chapala the midpoint between PV and SMA. Total distance to travel from here to San Miguel will be approximately 700km, and the plan is to make it in two days.

Thank you Rob and Sue
Thank you Rob and Sue




As you can see we are still experiencing some major tropical storms that pass through late afternoon.  These are photos of our first night here and the storm was impressive.  Since, things have calmed down noticably to the point of just seeing some dark clouds and lightning in the distance.  High temperatures and high levels of humidity persist….good for the complextion 🙂




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