How did the bike fare???

The bike performed amazingly well during the 54,000kms. A summary of maintenance  and comments are as follows;

Oil (Motorex Cross Power 4T 10w50) and filter changes were done roughly every 10,000 kms.

Installed Metzler Karoo 3 tires in San Diego. Wore out quickly (7,000 kms) and changed to Heidenau Scouts in Bogota.

Radiator developed a leak in Panama and was replaced under waranty (17,300 kms) in Bogota.

Changed fuel filter in Cuenca Ecuador (19,650 kms). Replaced brake and clutch fluids.

La Serena Chile 27,800 kms performed 30,000 kms maintenance including

replaced rear brake pads

replaced chain and sprockets with 17/45 ratio

replaced fork seals which had been destroyed on ride from Uyuni

replaced front brake pads as a result of fork fluid contamination

replaced 4 spark plugs

replaced fuel filter

replaced front wheel bearing and seals

installed KTM fork gaitors

Perth Australia, 51,900 kms performed 60,000 kms service including

replaced fuel filter

replaced spark plugs

replaced fly by wire throttle twist grip (failure covered under warranty)

UniFilter was cleaned at 17,300, 27,800 and 51,900 kms. Throttle body air intake was always absolutely clean.

used 1 front and 1 rear Metzler Karoo 3 tire and 2 front and 3 rear Heidenau Scout K60 tires.

overall fuel consumption was 45 mpg (imperial).

zero engine oil was added.

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