Bike preparation for RTW second leg

As of February 2018 the bike has done 90,000 kms. In addition to oil and filter changes and tires, the following maintenance has been done since the return to Canada in June 2015 at 57,800 kms;

61,100 kms

replaced chain and sprockets (16-42).

67,800 kms

replaced fork fluid.

replaced brake  and clutch fluid.

79,900 kms

changed fuel filter.

cleaned air filter

82,700 kms

replaced rear brake discs and pads.

replaced battery OEM.

88,300 kms

performed 90,000 kms service including

upgraded air filter box installed at no cost and cleaned filter

replaced spark plugs.

tested fuel pressure – on spec.

89,000 kms

replaced front brake discs and pads.

replaced chain and sprockets  (16-42).

replaced swing arm chain slider.

checked clutch plates. Steel plates 10% worn, bonded plates 30% worn. Replaced inner steel plate due to slight groove from Belleville washer.

replaced water pump impeller, seals and circlip and renewed antifreeze  (Motorex M 3.0).

checked rear wheel bearings and seals – ok (will carry spares).

replaced front wheel bearings, spacers, seals and circlip.

replaced brake and clutch fluid.

installed larger rear brake master cylinder reservoir.

installed fuel tank filler neck filter.

replaced front fork fluid.

replaced fork gaiters.

installed Barkbusters







2 Comments on “Bike preparation for RTW second leg

  1. Thanks Lindsay Looks like all regular maintenance. Remembering back to my first British bikes you would have been on your 3rd major overhaul by now. Is the hip ready to go on the second leg of your circumnavigation? Cheers Glenn

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