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Leaving Central America

Woke up in Costa Rica, going to sleep in Panama.  Today was another border crossing.  We had great expectations for this crossing as all we had read lead us to believe that it would be shorter and more efficient.  Unfortunately that did not prove… Continue Reading “Leaving Central America”

Costa Rica

Sitting in our hotel room at the Arenal volcano in Costa Rica.  Rain thundering down on the roof.  We spent the day inside,   Marian reading ….Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and Lindsay working on the blog.  Rain aside the area is beautiful, lush… Continue Reading “Costa Rica”

Oaxaca, Mexico to Granada, Nicaragua

Hi Family and Friends, It’s been awhile since our last entry but both Lindsay and I have had the flu which has left us with very little energy at the end of a day to keep the blog up to date.  I am basically… Continue Reading “Oaxaca, Mexico to Granada, Nicaragua”

Nuevo Vallarta to Popocatepetl

We left Puerto Vallarta on the 5th, destination for the day Chapalla, the midpoint to San Miguel Allende. Once again the roadways were beautiful.   Enroute the GPS took us into a remote village via a dusty dirt road. The guys once again managed… Continue Reading “Nuevo Vallarta to Popocatepetl”

Nuevo Vallarta

Today is Saturday, Oct 4th.  We have had the good fortune of being able to stay in a beautiful condo just North of Puerto Vallarta for a few days before we start our journey towards San Miguel de Allende.  The surroundings are lush and… Continue Reading “Nuevo Vallarta”

British Columbia to Sayulita, Mexico

Packed and Ready to Go! Have we forgotten anything? On our way 11 Sept 2014 After a frantic last few days we were able to depart home on Sept 11; two ferry rides later we were in Port Angeles, Washington. The ride down the… Continue Reading “British Columbia to Sayulita, Mexico”