A family interlude…Indonesia

 After waiting in Bali a week for the bike to arrive we packed our bags and journeyed to Java. We left Bali on the Gillimanuk to Ketapang ferry.

P1140170 P1140187


The crossing took about 30 minutes, then we waited off shore for about 45 minutes before docking.
One of the older ferries waiting in line to dock.
One of the older ferries waiting in line to dock.
Watching night fall as we wait.
Watching night fall as we wait.
Upon arrival we were booked into Ketapang Indah Hotel.
A welcome site after a long day.
A welcome site after a long day.
In the morning we made our way via Bunyuwangi (where mom taught after WWII) to Genteng to meet our guides to the property.  Mom and Dad had put us in contact with an old family friend from Indonesia, Sai, without whom all we did and saw in the next couple of days would not have been possible.


P1140317 P1140314

P1140229 P1140230

First we were taken to the back of the estate to see some of the existing cocoa trees which have replaced the original coffee plants.
From there we backtracked to the living/working area. As you can see the road leading to the estate was built up with residential properties.
The dam taken from the bridge.
 Before crossing the bridge looking away from the plantation.



Workers coming from the plantation.
Workers coming from the plantation.


The next day we left Banyuwangi for Surabaya to visit my grandfather’s grave and some old haunts.


From here we visited the old cigarette factory, House of Sampoerna.



Then it was time for coffee at the historic Oranje Hotel….now Majapahit…..where the family stayed enroute to Holland.




P1140602 P1140601

After coffee we drove by what Sai believed to be the historic Bendo Kerep offices in Surabaya?


I wonder if the familiar places are still recognizable 60 years later?  Happy 90th Dad.











2 Comments on “A family interlude…Indonesia

  1. I’m so grateful that the two of you made the journey and captured these images; now the history can be passed along to others to keep it alive…with GPS co-ordinates even I suppose? Addresses at least. Very moving and lovely. Thank you. xo


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